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11 Apr 2013
Sometimes men feel embarrassed due to the tiny bumps that sometimes rim the edge of their manhood. They are afraid that a woman will notice the bumps and they will have to explain them in the middle of an otherwise intimate union. The bumps can also make it uncomfortable to remove clothing while among other men in a men's locker room or in the showers. See a doctor for a diagnosis of your condition. The doctor will make sure that the condition that you have is the same that is represented in pearly penile papules photos that you may have seen and is not a sexually transmitted disease that looks similar. Bumps on the manhood can also be caused by other conditions other than STDs. The doctor can eliminate these conditions.
There might possibly be a lot of questions that run through your mind when you hear the term pearly penile papules. It's possible you'll want to know whether it is a certain kind of an infectious disease, or even worse, cancer. The good news is, there's nothing to be concerned about because you do not have an infectious disease or a cancer.  
However, to ensure the lesions are not the result of an undiagnosed STD or cancer, a doctor's appointment should be made to examine the area in question. In most cases, a sample of the lesions will be biopsied and sent out for laboratory testing. 

But before acknowledging an electric treatment, you have to be sure that this procedure is safe for you. Regarding the matter, an M.D. named Glenn Goldman said, "Most dermatologists recognize that there are certain areas in which curettage should not be performed, but it's still relatively prevalent in the community for lesions that might be better treated by surgical incision to be treated by curettage and electrodesiccation." 

One option some men will try is creams sold over the counter as a pearly penile papule cure. These are typically a waste of money. Not only are they ineffective, but they are also usually quite expensive. Others might try concoctions of their won making using honey, toothpaste, and even liquid vitamins. Again, these are not likely to cause any damage, but they are also not likely to actually help. Oatmeal and retina A are also common home remedies. They may actually end up irritating the skin, so men should use them cautiously. 

At the same time many people find them to be unsightly and they can become a source of decreased self-confidence. Because of this, and because such feelings often lead to a lack of comfort in bringing them up to a doctor, a number of products are said to be capable of removing them. Most of these claims are nothing more than urban myths and some can even prove harmful. 

Then again however, the causes for pearly penile papules are still unknown till this day. This is because, the sequential DNA that is responsible for the PPP in primates (of which human is evolve from) is missing in all human tested.. 

Do you want to know how to remove pearly penile papules in 3 days with the risk of laser surgery? It is true, you can get rid of penile papules within a few days and it will not cost you $3000 or more to get rid of those little white bumps on the shaft of your manhood. First you need to know this, no one has to know you have pearly papules and you can cure pearly penile papules without your wife or girlfriend ever knowing you had them. 

The process of Cryotherapy involves the freezing of such lesions with liquid nitrogen. This automatically results in peeling or scabbing of these and they eventually fall off. Excisional surgery is the actual surgical method to get rid of this problem in which the patient is given local anesthesia and the outgrowths are surgically removed. This process can be tedious as well as painful for the patient. The latest method involves the use of carbon dioxide laser ablation method to cure pearly penile papules.
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