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17 Dec 2012
Countless of expert services for clearing up acne pimples exist. Of course, some of these methods work better than others, and some just aren't effective enough to justify their high price point. Alternatively, there are numerous features peculiar domestic remedies that are equally effective at eliminating pimples fast as their manufactured brethren. So without further hold-up, I present you with a number of weird old secrets to aid you eliminate acne pimples trouble free.
Some of the tips are from this nice Spanish website dedicated to acne treatment remedios caseros naturales para el acne
1. Stop picking on your zits. You risk infecting nearby skin and have it extend like wildfire and that's the least of your concerns. To add insult to injury, it risks scarring and that's even harder to remove.

2. The next thing that you need to understand about body acne is that treatments for facial acne will not work for you in most cases. The pores on the body are much different than the pores that are on your face, so they must be treated differently.

3. If you want to make your zits less noticeable, try this: run hot water on to your towel, or face towel. Take the steaming hot towel and place it your zits. It'll make the zits smaller, but be careful when you are handling the hot towel. You don't want to burn your face!

4. When everything else fails... use a laser. If nothing else has really worked for you, you can always go for laser treatment. What the laser does is that it produces heat beneath the skin's surface and damages your sebaceous glands (your sebaceous glands are the ones producing the oil sebum). But it doesn't damage the surface of the skin however. This is very effective but remember that it can be a little painful or uncomfortable and you might be experiencing some swelling for a day or so too.

5. Acne Creams or Lotions - Try over-the-counter medications that include such active ingredients as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which is found in a lot of the popular acne treatment medications. If finding it difficult to apply a cream to the hard-to-reach areas, which will include the middle of the back, a medication contained in a spray pump might offer easier application.

I am certain that these tips will do as much for you as they have done for me and so many others before me. So please take action and become a more confident person by getting rid of your acne now!


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